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I can’t believe that I also got sold into doing this, but hey! There’s been a trend on Social Media Platforms on glamorous rich aunties… AKA “Rich Aunty Vibe”.

I kinda love it because it reminds me of my childhood. My mom gave those “rich aunty vibes” and so I definitely learned from the best. I loved the way mom was always so well put together, her wardrobe was so classy… I always wanted to be like her. As I grew older, I would emulate her style…literally raiding her closet. Momma was and still is a beautiful sweetheart. She would let me borrow that beautiful top or skirt…she never refused me. Of course I did all her laundry by hand and I would also press all of her piano-pleated skirts, one by one. I was her little helper. But she paid me back as a loving generous momma would. She could see my love of fashion…and her fashion style. And I fondly remember that once I wore that “raided outfit”, she would never take it back… it was mine to keep.

Now, I also had this beautiful cousin about my mom’s age. They may not have been exactly the same age, but they were surely age mates. Her name was Ursula (may her soul RIP). Ursula was the epitome of style, from head to toe. I loved and admired her so much. She would match her accessories…handbag would match the shoes and belt, and of course this included matching earrings. She was so entirely put together, and I was always excited every time she came to visit. I would pretend to serve her tea…like the Queen has arrived and I was at her service just to be close to her! Those were the days that when a woman wore anything imported, it was Made in England.

I felt like I had a Royal relative who was a sister to Queen Elizabeth! 

Oh how I miss those days. I remember one time I visited her home for a slumber party with her daughter who was also about my age. The following morning, I woke up early, helped her get breakfast ready for the rest of the family and did some chores. After I was done, she asked me into her bedroom. She had this pile of outfits on her bed and asked me to help organize her closet. I was so delighted. Halfway through she came across this beautiful maroon wool skirt with pleats on one side, then she was like “you can keep that for yourself”…and “I have a top that will go with that”. She dug further into her closet and pulled out a cream chiffon top with intricate embroidered lace on the collar and a little below the shoulders. I was in Heaven.

How I wish that she was still here, and that we could share little notes on style and maybe, I would get style ideas from her as well. She was like a second mother to me, like an aunty…cousin Ursula.

Style takes us back to unimaginable memories that have long passed but have remained so dear to our hearts. So today I’m giving those “Rich Aunty Vibes”… of my beautiful mother; and of my late cousin Ursula, may her soul rest in eternal peace.


Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo

Earrings: Oscar De La Renta

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Kaftan: J. Bolin

Booties: Zara

La vie est Belle!

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