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Updated: Apr 16, 2023


(Who called for the bride without a lover?)

I've always had an obsession...let's just say a beautiful obsession that calls for a keen attention to detail. 

This is one of my many uses of having "good eye". I love and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things that sit pretty around me. Be it for looks, touch or smell. something that elevates my endorphins to heights only I can exude.

This is something I have grown with since my early teens. I should say that I tend to use all of my five senses and maybe think I have a sixth one...a sense of style. This obsession of mine comes to life in many creative ways as my eyes capture such things as vintage wedding dresses. Nothing compared to what we see right now gracing Bridal Show Fares.

One of the many reasons I love going to Vintage and Thrift stores is to allow my creative juices to flow. 

Though Vintage stores can be pricey, you'll never go wrong if you try shopping at a Thrift store - especially those family owned ones. Thrifting tends to be pocket friendly, but one thing I've noticed with giant names like GOODWILL and SALVATION ARMY is that they tend to over-price items like nothing was donated.

They'll browse Google and eBay just to compare and match the price with their donated merchandise.

My little story is about my Vintage wedding gown which I purchased in my 20s while still single.

My beautiful obsession - attention to detail played a big role in acquiring it. This Vintage wedding dress showcased the intricate beadwork, lace appliqué, raw silk, and satin and Most of the Vintage bespoke wedding gowns are always one of a kind. The upper body is usually corseted with tons of tiny buttons, and maybe a big or small bow attached, with a full skirt at the bottom that would sway with every movement. Back then, brides were more modest, so long sleeves would cover their arms. You'll also capture the same tiny buttons with intricate loops to close up the sleeves. I should think that back then our grandmothers were,... so tiny in size...these tiny waisted gowns with slim arms tell a whole lot of story...just how dainty and delicate the ladies were.

Nonetheless, I'm glad that size doesn't  matter much nowadays.

This definitely calls for elegance.

When I purchased my gown, it was from one of those places - a distributor site/warehouse. They would receive bales, sort them and repackage them again to be sold to vendors who would ship them overseas.But they also had an option of selling them directly to locals from the opened up bales.

My Vintage gown had just been donated locally and was still in its heirloom box, well preserved and still brand new...never been worn.


PART 2_____________TO BE CONTINUED

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