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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

When I think of the year 2020, I think of what a three hundred and sixty degrees hula hoop, full cycle tumbling weed it has been.

I know, it's not over yet but men oh men. We're still here. And so, this begs the question.......where was I in my 20s?

I would say that's when I experimented a lot with style. I was trying to find myself even more. I changed my hair style frequently...every three months, from hair color, to perm, long braided hair to even getting a hair cut, because that's just who I am. I would never stay with one hair style for long. That would be so wrong if I did it because it was boring to do so.

I would even joke if I were criminal, it would be difficult to describe my hair. You could never catch up with me if you ever tried to describe my appearance.


I pretty much had my outfits either bought second hand or tailor made. Trust me, my mom bought me fancy clothes from overseas but I preferred my own sense of style. But I would tell you this, eighty percent of my clothing was restyled in some way. Something I still do. Some habits don't just die.

Style is the élan of which I live and I never compromise on. And so I say to you- do not compromise. Always be the real you and you'll find that you can truly be happy in clothes once you find yourself. 

What I am saying is that you can really struggle for years chasing after "THE CURRENT TRENDS" day in day out, and not necessarily being true to yourself.

There comes a point in life when you realize that you've been wasting time and money playing around in a merry go round fashion world..... at this point you've become a single little Petunia lost in it.

I would suggest that you can start creating style with whatever you already have in your closet.

     One of my fashion mottos is EPR (Edit, Purge and Restyle). 

Have some fun and let your creative fashionista take over.....why not tweak what you already have and like. Then next, visit to your neighborhood Thrift Store. This is the perfect place where you can find ample timeless accessories, especially pieces that you'll never see anywhere else. From ziploc bags filled with buttons, brooches. You'll find bins filled with belts, handbags, one hundred percent silk scarves, hats and other jewelry pieces.

There will always be something that you can add to what you already have to create your signature style. 

I promise that you'll have such a great experience, and you'll be on your way to creating your own couture. And here is a simple helpful hint- learn the basics of sewing. And you really don't even need a sewing machine as long as you know how to use a needle and thread. I love vintage coats and jackets -especially tweed. Right now is the time to invest in a beautiful coat for the coming Seasons. When you step out in The Fall or Winter, it doesn't matter what you have underneath your coat. Your coat can that outer layer of chic.....and all the while you are still presenting yourself as stylish and classy. Challenge yourself, visit that neighborhood Thrift Store that you maybe rushed by or walked across the street from it never taking time to go in to explore.

And when you do go in and explore....make sure it's a well stocked store. Once you've earned that title "THE THRIFT QUEEN", you'll definitely know what I'm talking about.

And by the way, just so you know, there's a difference between having a store full of fantastic vintage pieces verses having a store filled with old clothes. You will certainly be able to tell the difference. Old clothes are simply old clothes and they are far and away from classy vintage pieces.

Shopping for vintage needs a keen creative eye for it. In my next blog content or so, I'll be sharing a detailed article on how to shop for a beautiful and great vintage outfit that's going to favor your closet for many moons to come.

No more excuses looking cheap in a thousand dollars outfit when you can thrift for six dollars and still look chic and classy.

Stay chic and classy.







                         QUARANTINE 2020

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1 comentario

Nature Nutrient
Nature Nutrient
08 oct 2020

Hello there. New reader = ) I need to seriously try going into thrift stores. It is impossibile unless your the Kardashians to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I dont know how to dress either lol I think I do ok but I am no ig influencer where their clothing is always perfect. I am just me lol.

Thanks for the post. Look forward on reading many more.

Me gusta
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