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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Each day I come to great realization that what I wear does have great influence on how I feel.

Style dictates my mood.
I should say that gone are the days that suggest tomorrow....the plans of what I'd be doing. 

Style is living in the moment and let my fashion sense elaborate the beauty that reflects it all. 

Last year changed it all and I choose to rewrite my fashion story. In doing so, I explore beyond my wildest dreams....this is the life, I tell myself.

So far, I'm truly loving every bit of it and for sure, my goal is to come out of it a winner, not for anyone but for me. I want to keep on moving on ahead by making memorable fashion statements. Time is now or never.

Before Covid, we planned for then. But have you ever realized that tomorrow never comes? Even if tomorrow does come, I'll definitely tell you tomorrow again. So I'm choosing on sticking on today....because I am present today and I don't know if tomorrow will be.

So as I keep revisiting my closet, I keep finding outfits that have been saved for that special... event. I've come to realize also that as long as I'm alive, my day is a special occasion because I'm here, and yes I'm taking advantage of these pieces.

Stying for me comes easy.....and not some kinda endangered species. It is a place for me to tap into reinventing myself. I believe and know that everyone and anyone should create their own sense of style and own it.

While at it, I do allow and let myself to get carried away because I know I'm definitely having a great so certain will regardless of any obstacle encountered along the way.

                     My style does pump up my mood

This Winter, I've created several looks from denim, velvet to leather and more. Each style I put together reflected elegance and beauty from within. When you achieve that level of happiness, smiles and glow, it draws out that inner fountain of youth.......and that's your style botox.

I am challenging you to get into your closet today. That's where your styling begins.

                        La vie est belle.

My Look.

Dress: HM Studio...Sandra Mansour

Jacket: Zara

Bag: Bergdorfs....Roger Vivier

Shoes: Bergdorfs.....Prada

Shoes: ..Zara




Nylons....Zara Studio

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