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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Ignore the trends” Out with THE TOTAL LOOK!

"If You have style, don't follow the herd. Just because a particular look graced the runway or a fashion magazine, you don't have to go out there in a Burlap sack".

I love mixing Brands regardless of price or cost.

"Effortless Chic is a combination of Luxury and Affordability"

For example with this look I paired up with:

A Luxury Velvet Jacket from my closet, Velvet capris pants, a pair of Animal print boots, Animal print baret and an Animal print handbag from an unknown Designer.

Velvet is the most glamorous fabric

I wear it in the Fall and Winter Seasons, Velvet is the most flattering Fabric.


It's like having that blemish free, smooth glowy complexion. So much like Silk used in more warm like weather so is Velvet in the Winter or Fall. It's like the Silk fabric of These Seasons.

I would go more for a darker Velvet such as black, it's so forgiving especially if you have curves.

It is so rare to come across bright colored Velvet. They're not easy to wear because they mark easily-they're beautiful but a luxury. Velvet is great for evening wear, but I love to break the rules and wear it whenever I want. #Fall #Winter #Spring #Summer

"Always remember that it is how you layer the pieces together and how you wear it".

Could be a little aging as well but on the other hand it is classy and feminine and becoming to all ages.

Despite the fact that velvet is luxurious, it was once considered "The Fabric of the wealthy". It was historically made from silk and has always been the #Classicstaple for the fashion world. It finally showed up in the Fall/Winter of 2016

Velvet has made it's comeback and there's no slowing down.


When buying Velvet, I go for the light weight textile especially made from Silk. My second option would be made from Rayon which is less costly. I have acquired some vintage velvet (Silk) pieces over the years. (Watch out for those marks and holes when buying vintage).

Velveteen makes gorgeous evening coats, women's garments, children's clothing, drapery and even bed spreads. Though you might confuse it with Velvet, as the resemblance is great but it is made of cotton. It is an imitation of Velvet. The back is smooth and it's less easily draped than velvet.


Velvet has been around dating back to ancient dynasties. It was considered extremely high-end luxury good only available to Royalty and extremely the wealthy.

Europeans caught up with this beautiful Orient (China) textile as it entered the Silk Road.

Then came the Renaissance, which brought the peak of Velvet production. Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution - when Velvet became the much more #merchandised and mass #produced.

"This beautiful textile that was once considered a luxury then became affordable and more available. Though Velvet was greatly used in the 1920's, currently it has not only dominated the #Holiday Season, but also #Fall,#Spring and also pops up during the #Summer Seasons respectively".

"Owning at least one Velvet item (preferably a coat), definitely adds a hint of luxury in your closet".

My Look:

Boots: #LouiseetCie

Baret: #Zara

Bag: Unknown

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