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Sometimes I tend to wonder how and where I would be right now if it weren't for the current global pandemic situation.

It’s been about fourteen months and surely I’ve learned to live in the now. I’ve pushed myself to all the limits and yes, the current Covid situation around the world has let me grow to be an even more better person.

There’s been the major panic throughout the world and just when we’re about to think that it’s over, that’s not really the case. We all have to keep at it and stay safe.

Birthdays have come and gone and we’re still here.

Most of the time I enjoy being laid back…..while also keeping busy at the same time. You can never find me sitting around idle doing nothing. I enjoy being creative and I love and enjoy working on pieces, bringing together style and decor. One thing I really miss doing is mixing my creative and artistic love it’s like these two are a marriage with my hands… and yes, with tools on upholstery and refurbishing fantastic old furniture pieces. I miss the days when I would go out to estate sales, antique stores and thrift stores. I know those days are coming back, and the sooner the better.

I just received my second shot of the Covid vaccine and I believe that the future looks so bright. Meanwhile, I continue writing about my love for fashion and style.

According to me, style is unlimited. During this past season I’ve caught myself experimenting with different textures and color palettes. It’s always been a challenge for me to dress up for cold weather. It’s the extra weight that weighs me down, you know!

I’ve come to an understanding that the more I write about fashion and style, the more I keep reinventing myself. It continually gets better and better and so enjoyable because it gives me the opportunity to express and showcase my work beautifully.

I’ve always been open to anything…to any fashion challenge no matter the season. So on days when I don’t have much to do, I would bring out my outerwear and I would try re-styling them with the pieces that I already have. It’s a blessing to be living in California where the sun shines all year long without the harsh Winter days. A very mild and average climate all year round.

I love vintage coats so much because of how detailed they’re made with such fine rich fabrics as wool, cashmere… and with silk linings. The beautiful detailed buttons to accentuate the coat are one of a kind.

Always stay loyal to your style… if anything, — it only gets better.

I normally tend to think outside the box and I never want to limit myself. So when someone else’s style ideas may be presented to me…when something is put right in front of me, I tend to go right away into a “creative hurricane”. Even when it comes to shopping, I find myself looking at how some outfits are layered up, how styles on mannequins are put together and even the same when viewing models in magazines. I”ll start undressing them and restyling them in my mind as to how I think they should have been styled in the first place. The same applies to when I’m out browsing and shopping at home decor stores. This is so me… this is what I love to do. Have you ever seen a beautiful chair with great bones, structure and design but the fabric or color used is so wrong? It comes to your mind that they could have done so much a better job dressing it!

You don’t have to pair up your outfit exactly how it was styled at the store or magazine. Make it look different to suit your own taste and style and you’ll always be one of a kind. If you buy a set, try styling it as separates as well with pieces that you already own in your close

This makes it so much more fun and also makes your old outfits look fresher…reinvented and unique. It’s all about recycling your outfits over and over again. By adding just one new item can make such a huge difference. It could be a top, bottom, belt, shoes, scarf or even a handbag. Just switch them all around…mix it up.

For me, when I take this approach whenever styling myself starting off with an older outfit, it always makes me feel refreshed. It gives me a feeling like…wow this is new… this is another first time doing so. This gives me the freedom of doing what I love and finding pieces that I can incorporate all through all of the four seasons.

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