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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

"Less is more." Not today! Today's mood is...."more is more!"

I am never afraid of expressing myself when it comes to style. And although there are those who may dismiss Haute Couture as being something that is only for the wealthy, I can tell you that this is a misguided assumption. It’s possible for a woman to be elegant without spending ridiculous amounts of money on her wardrobe. There are lots of places you can find beautiful dresses, it simply takes patience, knowledge, and research is key.

“Try to select the type of clothes that go with your personality, and not what you see on someone else.”

Find colors that flatter you. I choose bright colors to compliment my dark skin. There’s something about red that’s just so memorable! Last Summer I attended an event that had been planned about a year in advance. I knew what I was going to wear. Just two weeks before the event, nothing fit. What do I do? I was in a big dilemma. I had the shoes yes, but no dress to wear. These shoes were so much drama, so I needed something that would compliment them.

I love custom made dresses!

Within a week I’d contacted the owner of Oyemwen, a Custom and Ready to Wear Designer whom I met on Instagram and behold, a week in, I had my dress. With Custom made dresses you can add a little accent of personal touch to reflect your personality. Wearing this gorgeous red tulle ball gown was everything. Oh what a night! I looked like I’d just walked out of a Vogue runway magazine. I felt so chic, feminine, so girly yet so much fun.

I chose some red ornate chandelier earrings to give the dress that extra drama. The fact that I’ve been blessed with a beautiful long neck made the earrings stand out,….more is more. After all I was attending an All Women Red Carpet Gala in Hollywood for the first time.

" Gone are the days that high heels were considered vulgar, uncomfortable and hideous."

Chunky vinyl high heels were once considered for strippers, call girls or escorts - not anymore. Designers have embraced these styles and now you see most Fashionistas wearing them.

I feel like there’s a great elegance in wearing a pair of closed toe high heeled shoes to an event.

Low heeled shoes have that feel of masculinity. I say over 6’ feet tall don’t be afraid to add extra height. It’s fun and all worth it.

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