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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

It's been a while trying to figure out my next venture.

In spite of it all, I realize that one can never put everything on hold for the sake of trying to find her/himself.

I belong and this is where I'm definitely supposed to be, doing my thing. Fashion and Style. You see, I've continued styling and dressing up everyday without penning down my thoughts. As time flew by, I started procrastinating as to when I should this, tic, tok, tic, tok. Hahaha!

I was so much consumed with work, no regrets though. Everyone needs a little time recharging from time to time as well and so I'm now full charged.

Better late than never, huh! So here we are at it again. I want to continue having fun with style and one's age has no limits and shouldn't dictate any time line. I feel like a bottle of fine vintage wine that has been uncorked.

So my NOW style is more classic but still remains vibrant and fun. Let's call it Vibrant Chic. I'm not promising that it will always be that way, my mood will always play a big part as well.

I've always spoken candidly about vintage for years. Styled these pieces unapologetically but, I've been misunderstood for years as well. Most people would down play me and say, it's too old and should be trashed out...I didn't think so.

Vintage, is the New Black. The New IT in fashion and the crème de la crème of styling. It's about time, it is the time to embrace these classy and classic pieces that mothered and fathered couturier. It is the right thing to do. It's fashion upscale cycle.

I tell you what - on every Social Media platform there are a lot of Vintage Reseller Communities that are making big bucks on these pieces. Chanel and Louis Vuitton prices went skyrocketing up. And so the demand is high on pre-loved luxe designer pieces, especially in Vintage.

I'm so excited that finally, finally, the world is awake embracing Vintage now more than ever.


ZARA: Two piece suit

YSL: Earrings

CHANEL: Bag and Sandals

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