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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

As I take a look at my closet, It reminds me of my shopping patterns and habits that I have developed for years.

I have discovered that I am one spontaneous fashionista. I have a great eye when it comes to fashion and style, materials and fabrics, colors and textures. One thing I dislike is planning on an outfit or wardrobe. I much prefer to choose randomly on what to wear after I step out of the shower, and for me this way it's always a hit.

I let the mirror help me decide, and most often what I see is....."I like that, I love what I see."

Then just like that, I'm out the door.


For so many years I would shop for what may come up ..... maybe an event like a wedding, lunch, dinner or such. I'm one of those people that will not wait to go out shopping last minute. I may be invited to an event that's coming in six months and I'll just know exactly what I have in my closet that's been waiting for that. Even when it comes to going away on a trip or vacation, I'll pack my bags the morning of. This allows me to put stuff together without stressing because I know whatever I'll be putting in my bags will be it.

                                                                                                                                                        So back to how I tend to get the best of this......I shop off season most of the time. I am a savvy and frugal shopper. I love deals, so I scout for them.

On any given day, I know what I already have in my closet. I then may have that spontaneous desire to add my collection, and so I'm away.....out scouting for that something special. It may be that I'll want to splurge a little, and I'll browse the store for a good deal, just to see if something would catch my eye. If not, then that's not the day.....I'll wait.

Yes, now we're writing about my Fashion and Style. For now I'll continue showcasing what I already have in my closet. I've decided to wear and get the most use of what I already have. My closet does not scream Spring, Summer Winter or Fall. I do wear any outfit at any time, whenever I want. No restrictions or whatsoever, I dress up depending on my mood at that particular time. The only items that may be seasonal are my coats, jackets, tall boots and a few accessories like hats, scarves and gloves.

Lately, I've been doing lots of backyard dress up. With the current Pandemic situation still looming, staying at home has become the new norm. I find ways of utilizing my time at home after work. It makes me realize even more that we are all living in the now. Everything has changed . We've been saving outfits for the next occasion and some even haven't had a chance, it's really sad. Just by being able to breathe and spend time with our loved ones it's celebratory.

I've decided that I'm going to make beautiful memories at home without holding back.There's no excuse. I will dress up, even if it means wearing a cocktail dress for breakfast at home. Or I may set the table for lunch and wear that beautiful gown I've been saving for that special wedding in Pago Pago - my girlfriend Trinidad and her Fiancé Tobago!

I'll for now dress up and enjoy a meal with my loved ones. I've come to realize that I don't want to miss out on the life that I already have now....our events will start at home. It's 2020 and before we realize, it will be over within a blink of an eye.

Fashion is now, Style is forever.


Neiman Marcus Last Call: Jimmy Choo Boots, Self Portrait Dress

:Self Portrait Dress

Zara: Beaded Animal Print Pouch.

Hair by: Mayvenn

Thrift Store: Leather Belt

                     Respecting social distancing
                     But staying closer than ever

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Kendall Morris
Kendall Morris
Dec 14, 2020

I love all the things you shared. Very good tips


Dec 08, 2020

Thank you @snerima, that’s really kind of you!


Dec 08, 2020

Thanks @torchenash, it’s a beautiful yellow!


Dec 08, 2020

Always loved your style, you were born to do this.


Oct 08, 2020

Love the yellow!

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