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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Utilitarian aesthetic is what you need conquer the world.

This is a modern fashion military trend that has been around for years. Why I say this is that, born and raised in Kenya.....mainly known as the world's best Safari destination, I would see tourists visit my beautiful country adorned in such style. Earth tone colors including army/olive green, camel, khaki and brown not forgetting Safari boots or desert boots. Fast forward years later, only to grace the Fashion Runways of Milan, Paris, New York and such fashion world.

Think of earth tone colors while creating your look - you can do this so easy.

See from our women and men in uniform, all military branches so brave and poised.

Utilitarian aesthetic is stylish, fashion forward and comfortable, masculine yet chic, influenced by men's military wear. You can pretty much create your look from baggy to tight fitting pieces.

It's so easy to create your look without blinging, just keep in mind that you can do this without being boring. I personally usually love bright bold colors that I can manipulate to create a fashion statement. I was at Zara during their Annual Winter Sale. I spotted a beautiful coat. I love the color olive green, one of my favorites when it comes to shades of green. I knew exactly how I was going to dress it up once I got home. It was so easy. And that's what it is when creating a Utilitarian look.

Remember this rule: "If you're going to wear tight pants, wear a loose top and if you're going to wear loose or baggy pants, wear a tight top". It's more chic and stylish this way.

Pairing up your look with Chunky or combat boots will work out best. If not, get a pair of shoes that are comfortable that you can easily walk in without sabotaging your entire look. Be stylish but not way too polished.

Embrace your military-inspired look by creating a Utilitarian aesthetic that embraces a rugged yet polished look. Like I've said so many times, fashion is about finding yourself and having fun.

I do shop at Zara a lot, and tend to find gorgeous pieces that would last in my closet a while.

I do love a great challenge especially when it comes to anything/everything I do, and even more when it comes to fashion and style; I'm so passionate about it.

It takes creativity, love and self knowledge, experiencing new styles as I go along with it. As a

result, I end up surprising myself even more because I allow myself to get carried away and even make little mistakes here and there along the way that I learn from. This makes me become better in what I'm trying to achieve.

See, Fashion and Style is a form of art on canvas while our bodies are the frames that these beautiful creations are displayed on. As we take ourselves out there in the world from one point to the next, on the never ending runway planet earth.

That outcome is splendid.

Happy Ever After

Style is about comfort and I definitely love this look on me. I kind of went outside my comfort zone to explore this utilitarian aesthetic and voilà! I've absolutely fallen in love yet again.

Never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You'll be surprised on how much fun you're going to have. And yes I went wild with the hair as well, I felt simply fabulous.

Be true to yourself, everyone else is already taken!

My look:

Coat: Zara

Boots: Zara

Faux leather jogging pants: Zara

Body suit: Unknown

Tote: Celine

Car: Fiat Gucci 500

                            Respecting social distancing 
                            But staying closer than ever

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1 Comment

michael shitakha murenyi
michael shitakha murenyi
May 18, 2020

Style at it’s best...👌🏾

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