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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I love love love Faux Leather. But it has to be the right Faux Leather!

You'll look like a million bucks without having to spend much.

One thing about Faux Leather is that it is washable-and this can certainly make life easier at times. Can you imagine spilling wine on your genuine leather outfit, then it's off to the dry cleaners? We know how costly that would be. If you own genuine leather, you have to make sure it's pretreated before wearing it. On the other hand, with Faux Leather you don't have to.


Faux Leather is also known as artificial leather/synthetic leather.

These #synthetic #materials are obviously intended to substitute for leather. They're used in #upholstery, #clothing, #footwear - where a leather like finish is desired but actual leather material is cost-prohibitive or unsuitable.

Artificial leather is marketed under many names:

including: #Leatherette, #Faux Leather #Vegan leather, #PU leather and #Pleather.

I find myself smelling Faux Leather before actually trying on or purchasing.

Some have such a pungent odor making them very undesirable. This is due to some #manufacturers going too heavy on the use of chemicals, resulting in #products that are simply not fit for human usage. I would advise to definitely stay away from this type of #Faux Leather.

And of course I would suggest #genuine #leather, if you want a great investment or if you want to splurge a little. If well taken care of, genuine leather lasts a #lifetime and you can't beat the #scent of genuine leather.

But if you cannot afford it, go for the #most #affordable,#quality Faux Leather. There is definitely good quality Faux Leather. At least with my experience, I've had great #success with quality Faux Leather #outfits from stores like #ZARA, ranging from $49 to $69. By minimizing excessive washing and avoiding the dryer it should last a good while as well. Go for black because you'll

get lots of wear throughout the four Seasons; #Summer,#Autumn,#Winter and #Spring. "Once you go #black you'll never go back/never be disappointed", hahaha this applies to the color of Faux leather.


We're just about to "Spring ahead". You can take your old pieces from your wardrobe and spring them forward into the New Season. Don't be afraid to make that Fashion Statement for yourself.

Shine on and show up!

Break that #rule and be #fabulous. Mix those favorite piece you had in the past Season and give them more new #life into the New Season. You can do this by #accessorizing. That's why it's alway great to invest in great accessories. After all, you make your own fashion statement.

It's #time for you to #blossom and #explore your #beautiful #you.


FROM #ZARA: Baret, Faux leather Carmel dress,

:Black faux leather skôrt, Sheer organza polka dot top, bejeweled velvet headband,

:Black leather booties, black Faux Leather skirt and black Faux Leather top.

#Neiman #Marcus #Last #Call: #Prada Bejeweled belt, #Furla red croc clutch

#Sam #Edelman: Red leather croc boots

#Nordstrom: #DIOR Snake leather brown boots

#Thrift #store: Brown Leather and wool Embroidered tote

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