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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I can pretty much get away with this because I can.

People tend to think that there's a certain age that one has to stop wearing certain clothes.

IS THERE? Certainly not! If one has a particular style that suits them, I'll bet you almost their entire wardrobe will work for quite awhile.

“Lately I've been gravitating towards fabulous chunky heels, including booties and fancy heels like Prada.”

I tend to dress them up and give them that girly elegant touch. It's just easier to run around town in them without ending up with achy feet or calves like you would after wearing stilettos.

For tall girls like me...

We shouldn't be wearing high heels right? WRONG! I hear that a lot especially from everyone else I come across. I tend to think that if they make them in my size why not! You certainly won't find a short girl with big feet or a tall girl with small feet. "Why are you wearing high heels, you're too tall" I'm told. I always feel like screaming, "you're too short in those flats."

Who makes these fashion rules, really?

Age shouldn't have a cap on what not to wear especially when you reach a certain age. During the holidays, I found a nice pair of faux skort from Zara and paired them with a red croc boot (chunky heels) from Sam Edelman. I felt absolutely fabulous. We are children at heart and it has nothing to do with trying to catch up with your youth that already left the station. It's good to have as much fun as you can, dare to be fabulous and let no one stop you. Stay creative and unafraid of making mistakes.

"I found my style at a very young age, Jackie O glasses, hoops and bold colors."

For Street style you see lots of high waist denim, faux leather, platforms and kitten heels. Fashion evolves, but still goes back in time. rules! Trust me, I do love classy things. Fashion is what you make for yourself. Everyone of us has her own approach in fashion and more accessible to brands like Zara or H&M that offer a choice quite broad that anyone can find style for her taste.

Fashion in the end simply is what suits us. We shouldn't follow trends if it doesn't go with our figures.

Last but not least, it's not our way to set limits and sell yourself short by dates. Whatever your age is, do exactly as you wish, provided the result is not a disguise and that it suits you. Your goal is to be ones self and that's just the way of the game. Nevertheless, there are certain minimal errors that we should try to avoid.

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