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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

I am so glad that I got a great steal when I could. I like to be frugal and stylish. I've acquired stylish fashion towards designer pieces that are truly fashion forward ...and timeless.

That was until C'Ronie just so untimely appeared and now we have to mourn the loss.... the loss of all fashion deals that once were. Bergdorf Goodman filed bankruptcy and my Last Call store closed permanently. C'Ronie has brought so much devastation and so much sadness..but we must keep our heads up....keep moving forward .

What I'm now left with are beautiful memories and experiences of which not only did I get the best outfits at way below market value but I also gained friendships that would last a lifetime. I cherish this and I wish them and everyone all the very best.


Over the years, I've come to appreciate how my style journey has been. I've observed fashion trends that I once fell victim to.

As I grew with fashion, so too my love for style broadened. I became more detailed and more observant.

Now this became more interesting as I realized the length of a skirt is more than what meets the eye. On deciding what length of a skirt is suitable for you, I suggest that you should check your body measurements. I'm not talking and about body weight at all, this is about your height and proportion. The belly button draws and outlines the beginning of your waistline. We are all built differently. People like me with a shorter torso and others with longer torso, long legs vs short legs, broader shoulders vs leaner shoulders.

On wearing a mini skirt, or going for a perfect mini, divide the length of your leg from your hip to knee by two and that should give you a good hem length.

So for a midi skirt, I would divide once more the length of my leg from the knee to the ankle by two. That should give you a perfect midi.

Never wear knee length, I'd rather a mini if you're to show off your knees. Wearing a skirt that cuts on your knees is a little more matronly. It cuts off your legs and make them look shorter than they actually are. Try below the knees look by opting for a midi. If you're not as "conservative", a mini skirt will give you that long leg silhouette as will a midi skirt...but in a classier look.

So for perfect knee length lovers, divide the length of your leg from the knee to the ankle by four, the first upper quarter should be your knee length skirt, and that should cover your knees and look even classier. Always make sure that your knees are covered, at least four to five inches below your knees if you're not going for a mini skirt. When I say skirt, it also means that lower part of your dress that divides the bodice of your dress from the waistline down.

You will never catch me wearing a skirt that breaks on my knees.

So if you're shorter, I suggest you try wearing a midi skirt with heels. Avoid the knee length skirt that breaks on your knees as this will make you look even shorter than you are because it breaks the length of your legs and make them appear shorter. Please do not wear a midi with flats, try some kitten heels of higher. This will elevate you and make you look taller and slender.

I love a good length maxi gown, make sure that your maxi skirt kisses the ground even with heels. It gives a lovely flow and movement. If you're wearing high heels, make sure your maxi does not break on your ankles. If it does, go for flats instead, or just opt for a midi.

If you want to elevate the simplicity of an outfit, wear heels, from kitten heels up

Class is over. I hope you pass the exam. Good luck.

Be chic! Stay classy!


DRESS: ZARA....(What I‘m wearing is a perfect classy knee length dress).



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Farah Faz
Farah Faz

Your smile is truely beautiful and really puts a smile on my face. I love the outfit.

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