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So intricate, unique - each exuding their own beauty, their own loveliness.

I never hesitate to recognize the "girlie girl" in myself - and you shouldn't either. When I'm thinking of style and observing my own sense of such, I realize that I've grown much with a deep knowledge of self, knowing what my taste fashion buds. I can consume it with my eyes shut and I promise to blindly let you know if I like it or not. That's how I am.

       After a woman, flowers are the most divine creation.

I tend to know exactly what would look great on me and what wouldn't. That's one of the main reasons that I enjoy shopping either online or in store. It's so easy and so enjoyable for me.

Knowing and acknowledging your body type is key to having a great sense of style- what fits and what doesn't. Being comfortable in your own skin without being drawn to what others think of what to wear or what not to wear, makes it easier for you to create your own signature style.

Just because you see someone spending so much money on an item doesn't mean it's classy.

        You can tweak less expensive into classy.

Like champagne and lace - this duo is a match made in heaven. With so much sophistication and luxuriousness enticing all your senses. You'll find inexpensive lace and champagne as easily as you'll come across expensive lace and expensive champagne.

At times expensive can even have a tendency of not being chic at all. On the other hand something inexpensive can easily be chic when it's well made - when it comes out of your own unique style and confidence. 

Quality greatly matters when it comes to style, but it is how you wear it and how you carry yourself that determines your sense of style.

Have you ever wondered why to some a "brand name" expensive champagne may taste horrible (although they may fake enjoyment), while a lesser known bubbly may taste so good that you'd jump up an down as if you just hit a jackpot? When you think about it, and thanks to advertising, consumers are attracted to packaging and to the hype. So just you may be paying for the packaging and the advertising of the costly bubbly. You are as well paying for the hype- and certainly cannot taste and enjoy packaging, advertising or hype!

Manufacturers and advertisers are focused on your wallet, not necessarily on your taste buds.

So you may find a lesser known and less expensive champagne that has been produced with significantly more time and effort focused on the product itself- and're going to love it!

So again it's all about what you like- not what others pretend to like.

It's easy to "follow the crowd", but it says so much about you    when you set your own path.

Same applies to fashion. The next time you buy your next outfit, do your homework and you'll be surprised that you'll find your beautiful lace from the least expected vendors- the quality and cost will be so pleasing without ever having to empty your wallet.

Take your time, set your own path and you'll definitely make your inexpensive look classy. 

         "If you want to be original be ready to get copied".
                   .........COCO CHANEL

I had so much fun with this dress. I put all the pieces together, makeup and a self directed photo shoot. Just me with my camera having so much fun. Do what you love to do best......don't wait for someone else to get it done for you. This is your time to shine and the world offers you beautiful a runway to strut all the way.



Neiman Marcus Last Call:

Dress - Marchesa

Belt - Dolce and Gabbana

Earrings - Oscar De La Renta

Cocktail ring - Alexis Bittar

Barcu's Vintage Store Vancouver BC.Canada :

Vintage Hand bag

Fedora hat: Bavarian fancy hat...German made from an Estate Sale in California

Shoes: Doreen Selly

(No rights to the background to the Cover song).

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Jul 21, 2020

Thank you so much Nadine Biezmienova. Smiles do go long ways and always don’t cost a thing to do so. I’m glad I could share that with you!


Jul 21, 2020

Thank you so much Bygrace SilviaLove!


Nadine Biezmienova
Nadine Biezmienova
Jul 19, 2020

You are amazing in every single way. Thanks for the smiles, you know how to lift some people. Keep it up girl.


Bygrace SilviaLove
Bygrace SilviaLove
Jul 07, 2020

Very nice!! And pretty outfit Darling thank you for share!!!

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