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Over the years I've created quite a number of eventful and memorable experiences while shopping.

       I've developed great friendships and have come to
   realize that these "shopping escapades" are to be treasured.                                                 

Store Merchandizers have become friends and they've often made me feel like I'm really family....part of their work family. They always noticed when I am around, the beautiful warm smiles as they approach me with a big smile announcing "Stella's here!" "Hi Stella, we haven't seen you in quite a while, how are you?"


These experiences make you feel much more secured  and valuable, a sense of belonging. Sometimes I would visit these stores when I want a big therapeutic workout, not to shop but just to stop by to say hi, to see who's working. 

Then maybe off to Starbucks or Coffee shop next door to grab a few cups of Latte for the family.

You know the same way they know me by name, I know them by name too. And when I don't see one of them for a while I would care enough to ask where they are, and also introduce myself to the newbie. In no time the cycle continues. I am a people person and I love to treat everyone equally...the same way I love to be treated. It's so amazing that it has become so therapeutic for me.

On another positive note, you're on their "A-LIST" and whenever there's a great upcoming Sale or a New Arrival Event, I'll receive a private invitation to get the first dibs.

And with me being a bargain hunter, this is a real fashionista heaven!


I remember on one occasion, I received a call that there was a new arrival event at Neiman Marcus Last Call. I was told that it was to begin at 9.00am so I should be there on time. I always loved the Bergdorf Goodman event - always the greatest of deals with beautiful Premier Designer pieces. I was there at 9:00 am sharp. You know being a frugal shopper, you gotta keep up with the Luos.

As I stepped into the store, as usual I was greeted with "Hi Stella, Hi Stella, Hi Stella" coming from all over.....from different departments....smiles here, there, everywhere.

As I walked through the mid-isle, I felt like I was walking through an imaginary red carpet rolled out just for me!

Then as I approached the Accessory Department, I froze. With this being a New Arrival Event, as always, there should be a crowd of frugal shoppers sifting through the prized merchandise like predators with claws sticking out ready to pounce if your hand happens to grab just that fillet mignon that caught their eye. Phew! One of the reasons you have to wear sneakers just in case you have to run for your dear life. These are shoppers with wallets full of black cards on steroids!

"Where's everyone else?" I asked. Then I hear a few giggles here and there - then they hit me with ...."actually the store opens at 10:00am, but we wanted you to have an hour for yourself."

Wow! Right there and then I felt like I had arrived at "my home away from home".

You see, that's what it is. I believe in treating people equally, with kindness, with joy and you'll also notice that good gestures go a long ways...they'll always be greatly appreciated and you'll see them return to you in kind.

That's when it also occurred to me that it's all about "Respect, Respect, Respect"...and again you'll always receive that in return in a big way....when you least expect it, and it just might be a red carpet experience!


Now one thing I've learned is that you should never go shopping on an empty stomach - especially your favorite store! You'll definitely end up spending more time in there than intended, and on impulse you may just buy some things that you don't even need. Next time before you're out shopping - eat, use the bathroom, and wear comfortable walking shoes because you'll be in for a great workout. If you especially want a good deal, browse from isle to isle because other shoppers have a tendency to replace items or even hide then in between isles, then return to buy later. You'll be surprised what you'll find inside a full circle rack.

Browse, browse, browse and do not have anything necessarily specific in mind. With that you might come across that special piece. Then try on, try on, try on. don't be fooled by those fluorescent lights, they make stuff look great. That's why sometimes when you get home after a purchase you wonder "what made me buy this in the first place"?

When you're done, you may have found your prized piece, and if so.....congratulations and enjoy!

On the other hand you may just proudly walk away empty handed....and one thing I can assure you is that you'll still have your money intact in your wallet and your sanity.

My Look:

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Tom Ford

Purse: Yves Saint Laurent

Earrings: Neiman Marcus Last Call:- Oscar de la Renta.

Rings: Tiffany & Co.

Scarf: Zara

Memories are made of this!

                   Respecting social distancing
                   But staying closer than ever


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