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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

For a long long while, animal prints were a "display item".... not anymore.

Now, to wear animal print, you should have a certain kind of "sophisticated femininity".

If you're fair or sweet, please don't wear it. It won't go with your personality. I do find animal print, especially in Leopard, so much fun. It's one of those prints that you can easily accessorize. Pair it with any print including floral and you'll still come out a winner.

Today with animal prints in our wardrobes, we can look beautiful, we can look sophisticated...out comes the inner lioness!

Leopard is one of those prints that can change the mood right away. It makes whatever you're pairing it up with seem so effortless yet with so much pop and fun. It's fierce. If you were out in the wilderness, you'd surely be the dominant Queen of the jungle. It gives you that power vibe-now you're ready to take over the world as you strut that cat walk making that planet earth move, the runway.

The Love Affair

My look is eclectic, a real mash-up of things that are totally dictated by my mood. I love silhouettes that are feminine yet edgy.

If I love it, I'm wearing it.

Polka dots are right now. The #80s are back, and that was an era of flashy party clothes and over sized wear. If you love fashion, you should have at least one polka dot item in your closet. I personally find it chic and timeless. This is one print that you can take from one season to the next. I would recommend smaller polka dots for any season and the larger polka dots for the #Summer. Right now I'm wearing a single layer polka dot tulle dress.

I find tulle fabric to be so romantic and it has actually softened my look.

Wearing tulle or net was actually once considered only for evenings or special occasions. Not anymore - you can now wear it during the day as well. A single layer or double layer with lining. You can dress it up of dress it down, whatever your heart desires, it's so much fun yet feminine. Have a ball while at it.

Tulle is one of the inexpensive fabrics, so you can have as much as you want depending on how much fun you wanna have with it. Don't be afraid to even layer it up with different colors of your choice in this fabric for a full body skirt - you can never go wrong. If you want to create an evening look you can use as many layers as you want. But for a day look, I would recommend one or two layers at most plus the lining.

"Who would have thought mixing leopard and polka dot prints would be so much fun?"

"Style isn't a dress rehearsal"

It's something you either have it or you don't. I believe style bore fashion - if you can eat, breath, live it then it becomes your personal style. You emerge being your authentic self, and thus you will know what really works for you and what doesn't.

We do make memories and statements with our own style. You get to a point of knowing yourself, by creating that self love affair - "you get proposed into it and get married to it.

At that point you've made own your style.

Style is knowing how to mix things.


My Look:

Dress: HM

Boots: Louise et cie

Baret: Zara

Sunglasses : Balenciaga..Neiman Marcas Last Call

Special Thanks To Santa Clara California Fire Department Station 10.


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